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Bruce and Maureen Scott have resided at Moothandella since 1988.  Their aim is to produce quality cattle to meet current markets without compromising the viability and sustainability of the land. 

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Moothandella,  a 70,000 acre property consisting of a diverse range of ecosystems, sits on the edge of the channel country in south western Queensland.

A mixture of sandy Spinifex country, flood plains, sandhills, stoney ridges and mulga, Moothandella is operated as a beef breeding enterprise.

Because we intend to keep Moothandella as productive as possible, we have identified the need to conserve the native vegetation and ensure the fragile ecosystems are sustained, both to keep our beef production viable but to also look after the land to ensure both native flora and fauna are not put at risk.

To this end fencing has been constructed to keep grazing pressure on the sensitive areas of Thunda Creek to a minimum, allowing the native vegetation to re establish and thus reduce erosion in the area.

Fencing has also been moved to decrease the effect of erosion on fence lines and to reduce grazing pressure on previously heavily grazed areas.

Watering facilities have been positioned to give the livestock the maximum benefit of feed availability without causing too much pressure on areas close to watering points.

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This slide show shows some of the scenes from Moothandella and also some of our hobbies.